About FinTechxcellence

FinTechxcellence is the Southeast Asia’s number one trusted online event for financial technology. This is the venue where Southeast Asia's top experts associate and talk about the most recent improvements in banking, payments and FinTech online. It will bring together the most influential, disruptive and innovative technology companies that are redefining financial services across all areas of fintech. We’ll also be covering all the major trends in the industry, especially the power of Banking Digital Transformation and bank-fintech collaboration, as well as who is funding the FinTech revolution.

We are inviting 50+ speakers and 500+ attendees from all major Banks and Micro Finance Institutions, Contactless and NFC Payment Vendors, Development Finance Agencies, NGOs, E-ticketing Platform Developers, e-Wallets and M-money Solution Providers, Financial Advisory Firms, Mobile Commerce Solution Providers and Industry Verticals (including retail merchants, utility companies, governments and all companies with payment channels), Mobile Messaging / Application Software Developers, Payment Infrastructure Providers Regulators and Telecom Operators. Most of the top companies from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Cambodia and Philippines are being invited to attend. FinTechxcellence will bring you fierce panel discussions, strategic insights and online networking straight to your screen. See you online!

Key Themes:

- Maximizing the opportunity of the accelerated digital transformation

- Looking beyond the cliché of the new normal – what does digital transformation look like in 2022?

- Culture and Technology – Putting your Digital Transformation into Warp Speed

- The Impact of automation on FinTech

Attending Countries

- Banks and Micro Finance Institutions

- Financial Advisory Firms

-Contactless and NFC Payment Vendors

-E-ticketing Platform Developers

-Mobile Commerce Solution Providers and Industry Verticals (including retail merchants, utility companies, governments and all companies with payment channels)


-Telecom Operators

-Payment Infrastructure Providers

-e-Wallets and M-money Solution Providers Mobile Messaging / Application Software Developers

-Development Finance Agencies and NGOs

Who can sponsor?

Digital Banking Platforms

Cloud Based Platforms & Services

Smart Data Products

Account Aggregation & Payment Infrastructures

Identity Management Solutions

Mobile Identity Authentication

Core Banking Systems

Mobile Security Systems

NFC Services & Solutions

Fraud Management & Solutions

Mobile Network Operators

Big Data Technology

Mobile Payments & Remittances

Management Consultants

Network Infrastructure Providers

E-Commerce Software & CRM

Payments Gateway

Secured Embedded Software

Attendees by job role

-CEOs & Managing Directors / Presidents & Vice Presidents / COOs

-Product Marketing Managers & Chief Product Officers

-Heads of Financial Service Strategy & Business Transformation

-Chief Digital Officers Chief Operations & Technology Officers

-Heads of Technology Strategy & Partnerships

-Heads of Payment Innovations

-Heads of Innovation & Applications Delivery

-Heads of Organisational Development

-Chief Strategy Officers

-VPs of Marketing & Chief Marketing Officers

-Heads of Business Development

-Chief Transformation Officers

-Directors of Digital Banking

-Solutions Specialists

-VPs of Credit Risk Management

-Heads of FinTech Strategy

-Heads of Commercial & Corporate Lending

-Heads of Payments


-Heads of Omni Channel Banking

-Heads of Digital Labs

Who will be attending?

- Singapore

- Philippines

- Malaysia

- Indonesia

- Vietnam

- Cambodia

- Hong Kong

- Myanmar

- Thailand